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Lead Exchange, Hot Leads and the Confirmation Page Leadpile’s Lead Exchange has been offering a webpage (confirmation page) since the beginning, giving its buyers the opportunity to present themselves to the consumers. Receiving the lead from a Lead Exchange / Lead Marketplace and transfer it to a call center it is a very important part of the closing process. Having a confirmation page can increase the responsiveness of the consumer significantly as they will be expecting your call.  The page can be hosted by the Lead Buyer (Advertiser) or it can be hosted by Leadpile. Of course, having the visitor redirected to your own website it is the best way to go, but in case you don’t have one, we will provide your customers the information you want them to see: 

- Company name
- Company website
- Customer Service Phone
- Customer Service Email 
- Custom Message
The better you follow up with your customer, the better you will close. One of the first rules of closing it is “calling the customer with a sense of urgency”, and having a confirmation page displayed to the consumer will help you achieve your goal – to close the deal on the first call you make. Leadpile’s Lead Exchange has been always about real time delivered leads, and the confirmation page it is an important piece of the delivery process offered to our buyers. 
Leadpile’s Buyer Account Screenshot:

Leadpile Buyer screenshot



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