Some positive changes to Federal Student Loans!

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Most of us who have gone to college have at some point taken out a student loan(s).  I am not sure if everyone knows that there are a few options in regards to where you can get your student loan?  You could take out a student loan from a private lender or a loan from the government (federal loan).
As of July 1st, there are some changes that will affect specifically those Federal Loans that students take out.  According to DMNews these changes will affect the amount a student can take out, the potential repayment terms of the loan once they graduate, and the interest rate of those Federal Loans.  Even though these changes will only affect the Federal Loans, loans taken out with private lenders could be impacted indirectly at first.
As far as the private loans those have had some great success in the past, because of the large amount of advertising/direct marketing to the college students.  Private lenders are great at getting their names out in front of the students.  However, less than a year ago some things changed for the private lenders after some government support these lenders would be receive was reduced.
Lead companies and lead exchanges had a lot of success with this lead type, and so did Leadpile.  Hopefully, with these new changes to the Federal Loans, the private lenders will bounce back fairly soon.  Possibly, this is a lead type that our marketplace can identify a supply and demand for.  Time will tell who does the most direct marketing to get those needy students to take out a loan with them.


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