Are Consumers Buying More Online?

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Being in the lead generation business it is key to understand consumer trends and what they are doing. Knowing this helps to create new offers to help connect them with the service provider(s). However, are we seeing more consumers buying online now versus going directly to the store? is stating that some areas of consumers purchases have gone up online, while many consumers still remain loyal to their local stores. The biggest gap I am seeing is with the drugs and health aid category. Is this a trust issue with trying to get the proper medication from places such as a drugstore versus an online site?

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So how does a company like Leadpile and ecommerce sites get more people online purchasing services and items they need for their every day lives? Is there a “secret sauce” that will bring more people online, or is it simply with time more and more people will start trusting online purchasing as a safe way to get things they need?


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