Sweet Deals On New Wheels!

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bigstockphoto_New_Car_Purchase_5409866Been thinking about buying a new car? Whether you are upgrading, just wanting a change, or adding an addition to your garage just for fun now might be the best time! If your credit is good, and you know how to spot a good deal this is good news for you as the auto industry is eager for your business. No-interest financing (which could save you thousands!!!) great rebates, and dealers willing to negotiate are all reflections of the auto industry’s struggle on the slow road to recovery. Looking to lease a car? Amazing deals can be found on this too! Currently a 2010 Honda Accord can be leased for $250 a month with $0 down, $0 security deposit, $0 due at signing and no first month payment!

A current list of incentives can be found on the Edmunds site – more than 100 new models currently cost less than similar one-year old used cars!

Choosing between 0% interest on a shorter term loan (which may require higher monthly payments) or a low interest rate on a longer term loan possibly lowering the monthly payments to amounts more suitable to your monthly budget can be a hard decision. Bankrate.com has a calculator to help you figure out the numbers and make this decision more educated and hopefully easier!

Happy Shopping!


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