Businesses, Social Media and Leads

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Many companies use social media to generate more clients (consumers), however b2b companies are seeing that there might be some benefits with social media. Tweeting and posting status updates is a way of life with most consumers these days, however actual businesses online and “tweeting” is not necessarily as popular. Some are looking at maybe incorporating social media as a way to generate potential leads for their business. That being getting more consumers to their business or even trying to attract other businesses to their services. Companies like Dell target consumers, but now are looking at using social media to attract other businesses to utilize their products and services. This is something that many would not consider in previous years, however many are seeing that there could be some opportunity with social media. DMNews is reporting that places such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can also be a source for business to generate leads. So I guess if you are a business looking for more clients you might want to look at setting up accounts with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn soon, rather than later!

Leadpile is working with some b2b lead types and believes that there are ways that businesses can also look to the internet as a source of leads.