Google Predicts Holiday Wish List

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Google is once again predicting what items will be flying off the shelves this Holiday season. Even though it may be too early for many shoppers, those who are ahead of the game can get the merchandise before it sells out. By looking at consistently searched items by people on the Google website, the retailing team is able to determine which toys or other products will be in high demand. Last year, Google was able to predict the high sales of the “Zhu Zhu Pets” toys among children.
This year, Google has a new set of products that are already being highly searched for on the internet.

For lower-prices items:

-”Otterbox” iphone covers
-Collectible Japanese “Iwako” erasers.
-Silly Bandz

Pricier items:
-3D TVs
-Flip camcorder
-Wooden training bikes called “Balance Bikes”

-Nurf Stampede


Google Celebrates Sesame Street Turning 40!

bigstockphoto_Fireworks_3496242An old favorite turns 40! Sesame Street had it’s 40 anniversary this week and was celebrated all over including Google’s homepage which changed images daily from one Sesame Street resident to another. Sesame Street has been teaching and entertaining children for 4 decades now, and is probably to thank for a large percentage of the US population under 40 learning how to count to 10.
Sesame Street not only teaches the ABC’s and 123’s, but also teaches acceptance and sets examples for children to follow. According to Newsweek, Sesame Street is now in 16 countries across the world including South Africa were the show features an HIV positive Muppet and in the Palestinian where coexistence and cooperation were displayed. Topics such as death and 9/11 have also been acknowledged by Sesame Street and children with illnesses and conditions are often regularly included on the show as well.
Newsweek states that not only is “Sesame Street no ordinary nonprofit. It is, arguably, the most important children’s program in the history of television. No show has effected the way we think about education, parenting, childhood development and cultural diversity, both in the United States and abroad, more than Big Bird and friends. You might even say that Sesame Street changed the world, one letter at a time”.
It seems too simple that a children’s program created 40 years ago could still be one of the best, but it is and nothing I have seen comes close to comparing. Leadpile wishes Sesame Street a Happy Anniversary!!!!!