Leadpile Lead Sellers: HOT!

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thats hot

Day after day I have to say to myself, that I am thankful for having such great lead sellers. Lead sellers in our marketplace are really on FIRE, when it comes to those taking FULL advantage of our Leadpile forms, banners, TEXT links, landing pages, and microclick ads. I say that because not all sellers are taking advantage of this, however those that are, are doing very well in our marketplace.
Specifically, the lead sellers that are doing the payday lead type are on FIRE! Why?
There are a lot of advantages that I am seeing that is affecting this:

1. Our forms, banners, TEXT links and microclick ads etc also have co-registration questions implemented in them. These are additional products and services that the consumer can also express an interest in. These = more leads to be sold in our marketplace by this seller! More leads sold=more leads potentially sold (higher EPL).
2. Sellers are using a combination of our forms with some websites, and then some microclick ads on their exit traffic (with a pop up or pop under). Using these microclick ads on another campaign is proving to be affected with these campaigns they are running with another affiliate. They are using these microclick ads to test only on their exit traffic, and seeing there is a HUGE benefit they did not realize was there. This is just added $$ to what they are already doing, and it is proving to be successful for them.
3. Repeat business is being generated through re-marketing and lead sellers are so happily surprised when they see this showing on their reports. They can’t believe they don’t have to do anything to get this additional revenue. Absolutely NOT!
4. Payday lead type is doing very well right now because of high demand currently for lots and lots of leads by the buyers. This high demand and the large amount of lead buyers we have, is having a positive affect on our lead sellers.
I beg to test any other new lead seller that wants to come in our marketplace and utilize all our Leadpile seller benefits, and compare their great success to other affiliate networks. What more could could you ask for as a lead seller? Really, if you wanted to get started with generating leads to sell with Leadpile, you could being within minutes (once approved of course). You don’t even NEED a website!


Co Reg Leads, They Work!

Let’s take a minute and talk about Co-Registered leads.  Do they work? Absolutely!  Do you want to know what is the secret?  Well, I will share that with you. 

See, our Co-registration leads are simply a secondary request made by the consumer that is expressing a genuine interest in a specific targeted service.  We don’t incentivize the leads.  The consumer is knowingly submitting a request to be contacted in addition to their primary request. 

Do you have sales force that needs leads to call? Co Registration leads are what you need!  Still thinking… well let me make it easy for you!  You go into the grocery store for a gallon of milk, right?  On the way down the hall you see some tasting pastries.  What would most people do? Take the pastries along with the milk. Do you understand it better now.  Let’s use credit services for example,  a consumer fills out a request to refinance their home.  Guess what? Without good credit their application will not be approved! At the end of the mortgage application they have the option to also submit a request to be contacted for a credit repair solution! Amazing, isn’t it! Now, the consumer can repair their credit and qualify for a mortgage.

The fact is, that most consumers need assistance for more than once service! CoReg leads are just that! Assisting a client for an additional service.