Attention Lead Sellers (Publishers) – The Microsites are here!

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Big Earnings with Leadpile!

We have some really exciting news! It seems that we are really trying to make everything tiny :) Here at Leadpile we say “Space does matter!” … not size (actually I just made it up now).

Starting with our Form (the I-SaveNow form), to our current new release of the “Microsites”. The Microsites are small one page sites that will be opened in a new window, giving you total control over your own site and adding a incredible monetization opportunity for your content. Now, not only you will have the capability to use our Form wherever you want on your page, but you can also use text links (or actually even banners) that will popup a screenshot and direct the visitor to a Microsite where, the consumer, can fill out the form. On a Mouse Over effect a screenshot will appear, and by clicking on the link or screenshot, it will open a new window with the microsite.

To see how it works, please visit the following link:
- go with the mouse over the links you see in the main content of the page: payday, credit repair.

More information will be available soon!


It’s time!!! We are ready to show you how to take a full advantage of the new Microsites.

… Okay, let me say it: MicroSites will Rule The World

Some of you are more knowledgeable when it comes to HTML and JavaScript, so will have no problems whatsoever to play around with the code. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone, and this is just phase 1. The phase 2 will make everything available for you inside your account, so you can go through an easy wizard to create the code you want.

There is no limit on the number of ads you put on your site. Target each keyword you want and add the code to the keyword, and we do the rest.

On the mouse over the visitor will see a snapshot of the microsite, and by clicking on it, a new small window will open where the consumer can start filling out the form.

Why is this so great? Well, the consumer will not leave your site, you can have as many “links” as you want, and in addition to these, you can still add links to our different offers, or even our I-SaveNow Form.

It’s just a simple copy and paste and you are ready to go!

To learn more about it and check the samples please go to:

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager. Thank you for your time.