iPhone Better Watch Out!

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It seems like everyone thinks that the iPhone is the best invention that has happened to cell phones. Whether you just use it for talking and texting, or if you are someone who pretty much has it glued to your hand for work or play, the iPhone does it all. No matter how hard other companies try to copy all the unique features, they just can not seem to hit it on the nose…until now that is.
Google has just released their new Nexus One Phone. The Nexus phone has a very similar style to the iPhone, but it does have one improved feature that sets it apart. This new cell phone has the ability to run multiple applications at the same time. This is a huge advantage over the iPhone. There will be no need to close out of an application because a text comes in or trying to figure out which app you need to use first to make sure that you have everything ready for the next one that you need to go into.
The only real down side that can been seen in the phone is the fact that it is not a multi touch touch screen, meaning that you are not able to increase or decrease an image size just by a pinch of the fingers. This might not even be a downsize if you are someone who is accustom to using a Blackberry. So how much will this new little item set you back? About $179.99 with a contract from T-Mobile or $529.99 to purchase the phone by its self. Price wise, it is right at the same level as the iPhone, and even the Droid (which has been receiving both positive and negative buzz). It looks like there is finally some real competition for the iPhone.
The real questions is, will this be the next big phone or will the IPhone continue to remain on top?