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Twitter recently announced some of their biggest news all year offering video and pictures for tweet posts. This new feature will show a sidebar on the twitter screen that will allow the user to post a picture or video relating to their tweet as opposed to a link or a separate website. Before this, users were limited to 140 characters to share their tweet without visuals.

The new Twitter is also expected to include better advertisements and a way to scroll to the bottom of the page without clicking on a “more” button. They believe these moves will help make them more “user friendly”.Twitter partnered with several media providers including YouTube and Google in order to make this move possible. With Facebook continuing to gather people all over world, Twitter may be thinking of ways to keep with their social media users. Will you be switching to Twitter to share pictures or videos or continue to post them on outlets such as Facebook?


Facebook – “Places”- Location Accouncments For Friends

Yet another way for your friends and family to have up-to-date notifications of your “who, what, when, where and why” ? Facebook announced Wednesday a new location-sharing program that will allow you to send updates letting you announce your location. Similar to the iPhone application Foursquare that has been previously the leading location-sharing site. Foursquare reached a membership level of 2 million users in July.

Privacy uses have already been brought to the table with FaceBook “Places” as it gives friends the option to tag others when they check in somewhere, posting the updated location for everyone tagged. There is a “yes” option allowing friends to tag you, however there is not a “no” option, only a “not now”.

Facebook has said that “this is not a service to broadcast your location at all times, but rather one to share where you are, who you are with, when you want to…It lets you find friends that are nearby and help you discover nearby places”. The “Here Now” feature will let anyone who has checked into a pace see who else has done the same.


Save Time …Apply For A Payday Loan Online?

Needing a small amount of money to get you through until payday is something that everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. Whether it be for an emergency or it’s just a situation where you are short on cash, a payday loan can be the fastest most convenient option to get you through until payday.

Payday loans, once only available through store fronts requiring you to stand in line can now be applied for and obtained through online lenders. Applying for a payday loan over the Internet not only can save time, but is a simple process typically only requiring a small amount of personal information and seldom a credit check is necessary. The approved funds are submitted directly into your checking account, avoiding any unnecessary lengthy paperwork.

Most online payday lenders have a minimum required age of 18 and a necessary minimum monthly income for the borrower. Loan amounts range between $100- $1,500, depending on the lender and the needs of the borrower. A loan can often be received the same day, with repayment due 14 – 30 days after.

LeadPile matches consumers with online lenders daily!

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People “like” on Facebook

Companies and products have been buying people to “like” their pages on Facebook hoping to bring in as many customers as possible. The ability for people to “like” something was replaced by the previous “fan” option. One of the companies topping off the list of “liked” Facebook pages for their company is Starbucks with 11.8 million “likes”. They even offer a way for the customers to keep track of their spending as an incentive. Other companies/products with an abundance of “likes” are Coca-Cola with 9.6 million, Oreos with 7.9 million, and Skittles with 7.8 million.

While some companies are going out of their way to accumulate as many “likes” as possible, others are only interested in quality customers. Mike Corrales, Vice President of BillMyParents says,

“I would rather have 2,500 real, authentic people than have 250,000 fake ones”.

There are so many different social media outlets today, making the potential for new customers easier to reach. On the same note, quality traffic is something that is more difficult to come across. Leadpile focuses on the best quality traffic for consumers.


Do You Know Your Current Facebook Settings??

It seems like everyone including Moms and Grandmas are on Facebook sharing pictures, status updates and commenting on pages. With all of the updates and changes Facebook is constantly requiring users to update privacy settings….However, if you are not watching this with an Eagle eye, you may be one of the 100 million “FB” users that personal details have been collected and published online, making it hard to impossible to remove this information from the public view.

This data was collected and posted by the Internet site Pirate Bay. Using a code to scan the 500+ million Facebook profiles for any information not hidden by privacy settings. Stated by Ron Bowes of Pirate Bay on his website the results of this code/search were “spectacular” allowing him to capture 171 million names, 100 million of these being unique.

Facebook is currently downplaying the absorption of this information saying no private data had been compromised. In a statement emailed to, Facebook stated the information on the list was already available online.


Facebook Reaches 1/2 Billion Users!

Facebook seems to be in the news once again for a huge milestone. The news is, Facebook is expected to announce 500 million users. This Facebook news really does not surprise me because everywhere you look every company and every person seems to have a Facebook profile. So what does this kind of thing really mean to any of us? I guess it means that if you are one of the rare people that has not joined the Facebook craze, you are one of the very few lonely souls in the world to not jump on the band wagon.
The impact Facebook is having on all of our “worlds” is truly amazing and I believe it will be setting an example for the future of the internet and dealing with privacy issues. Stay tuned to see if Facebook reaches 1 billion users!

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Issue: Social Media & Company’s IT Managers?

Many of us can’t wait to put our next Twitter update, Facebook status change, or access our email outside/inside of work. However, with this accessibility to our personal internet “pleasures”, IT managers are looking at potential problems with how our nation’s employees are creating “issues” with the company’s security. Does accessing our Facebook accounts and other social media put the company you are working for at jeopardy of bugs and viruses? Its seems the answer is yes. is reporting, “The security implications of these devices cannot be overstated. Between bugs in the operating system software for smartphones to complex phishing and malware scams birthed and proliferated on Facebook and Twitter, CIOs are constantly playing catch up as employees continue to bring more and more devices and risk into the enterprise. ”

So how does our IT departments manage all of their employees desire to “stay connected”? Sounds like a new project our IT managers might want to consider because it does not seem that this sort of thing is going to go away anytime soon.


Twitter Increases Returns On Email Marketing?

A recent study indicated that the use of at least three social media options in email marketing campaigns lead to a 55% higher click-through rate.  The interesting thing is that only about half of email marketers are adding some sort of social element to their email campaigns.

The real ROI comes in the shared messages of these type of campaigns. Messages that included a sharing option generated 30% higher click-throughs than emails without the social sharing links.  Three or more generated 55% higher click-throughs.  Twitter alone showed a 40% higher CTR than without a sharing link.  Twitter appears to be the most popular option at 67.2% of all social emails with Facebook coming in a close second at 62.7%.

Think about it, you send an email to a million users in your email list.  If 55% of the users that click through your message and share it with their 130+ friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, imagine how much ROI you are getting on that email campaign without any additional cost!  Folks, time to start A/B testing!


Release Of The iPhone 4

Today was the day the Apple junkies have been waiting for! The iPhone 4 was released for sale today in the U.S. , Tokyo, France, Germany, the U.K. and Japan. Thousands of consumers lined up outside of stores for hours to get their hands on the newest model. The iPhone which more than 600,000 people pre-ordered forced AT&T to stop taking orders for pick up or shipment by today and could not promise delivery until July 14th.

The iPhone 4 retails for $199 or $299 depending on the amount of storage on the phone.

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Businesses, Social Media and Leads

Many companies use social media to generate more clients (consumers), however b2b companies are seeing that there might be some benefits with social media. Tweeting and posting status updates is a way of life with most consumers these days, however actual businesses online and “tweeting” is not necessarily as popular. Some are looking at maybe incorporating social media as a way to generate potential leads for their business. That being getting more consumers to their business or even trying to attract other businesses to their services. Companies like Dell target consumers, but now are looking at using social media to attract other businesses to utilize their products and services. This is something that many would not consider in previous years, however many are seeing that there could be some opportunity with social media. DMNews is reporting that places such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can also be a source for business to generate leads. So I guess if you are a business looking for more clients you might want to look at setting up accounts with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn soon, rather than later!

Leadpile is working with some b2b lead types and believes that there are ways that businesses can also look to the internet as a source of leads.


BP Oil Disaster: Not Using Social Media?

You would have to be in a hole if you did not hear the catastrophic disaster going on in the Gulf of Mexico. Two months ago an oil rig had an explosion that has since caused the worst oil spill ever! The company in the middle of this disaster is BP Global. BP is the third largest energy company, however it seems that this disaster has not prompted BP to turn to one of the biggest potential allies it could have: social networking sites. Why is that? With the number of people these social networking sites can reach, why would you not incorporate some sort of PR campaign through the internet?

Unfortunately, what seems to have happened is those on sites such as Twitter and Facebook have created BP bashing posts that have ultimately hurt BP even more that what this disaster has caused them financially. The question is should companies that are going through large “reputation killers” look to social media as a way to help their image? It seems that the public does think so because many appear to be upset that this company has not even made an effort to recover their image.
BP… might want to look to Facebook to help you put a happy “face” back on our nation’s


Emotional Stress From Debt May Hurt You Financially

Paying off your debt can be one of the most rewarding and experiences and bring a feeling of relief. Often times if you have multiple sources of debt, there is one that bothers you more than the others do even if the payoff amount or interest not as high.

According to not all debts carry the same psychological weight on people. Debt amounts that are linked with negative events such as divorce, fraud or medical can often times bring stress to a person. Even as this might bring emotional relief, it can be financially more beneficial to pay off the higher interest rate first.

Emotional attachment to debt does not always equal importance of repayment order. Looking at all of your debt amounts and weighing the cost of the interest and long term effects on your credit is a smart way to determine what should be priority in paying down first.

Debt settlement and debt consolidation are both options for consumers looking for debt relief options. Through Internet generation and live transfers LeadPile helps consumers in need of help find companies that are able to offer assistance in consolidating or lowering debt.

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