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Tis the season to be jolly! Many are looking for that perfect gift to buy that special someone. Leadpile has the offer for those publishers and networks that are looking at connecting those consumers with the auto dealership. We will accept banner, email, PPC, SEO and contextual traffic. If you have auto finance traffic, contact your affiliate manager today!


Free Shipping Offers This Holiday Season!

Holiday season is quickly approaching, and shoppers will soon be hitting the malls and websites! This season there is a new twist to the shopping discount war from the retail giant Walmart.

Walmart has announced this week that it will offer free shipping on 60,000 online items (including toys, electronics and jewelry), NO minimum purchase required! This could add up to a huge savings for those of us who like to spending time shopping online rather than pushing your way through crowds of people in the stores. Wal-Mart is offering this deal through December 20th.

The free shipping combined with the “Site to Store” program (allowing customers to buy an item online and have it shipped for free to their local Walmart) will save an estimated $25 million on shipping costs for Walmarts customers.

Target and J.C. Penny are also offering deals on shipping from their sites – Target offering free shipping on select items over $50 and J.C. Penny giving free shipping to customers spending $69 or more in online purchases.

Free shipping, avoiding the crowds at the stores while still getting your shopping done – Sounds like a great plan to me!


Google Predicts Holiday Wish List

Google is once again predicting what items will be flying off the shelves this Holiday season. Even though it may be too early for many shoppers, those who are ahead of the game can get the merchandise before it sells out. By looking at consistently searched items by people on the Google website, the retailing team is able to determine which toys or other products will be in high demand. Last year, Google was able to predict the high sales of the “Zhu Zhu Pets” toys among children.
This year, Google has a new set of products that are already being highly searched for on the internet.

For lower-prices items:

-”Otterbox” iphone covers
-Collectible Japanese “Iwako” erasers.
-Silly Bandz

Pricier items:
-3D TVs
-Flip camcorder
-Wooden training bikes called “Balance Bikes”

-Nurf Stampede


Holiday Shopping & Holiday Wishes From Leadpile

Holiday shopping has entered into “crunch time” as Christmas is just hours away. Many stores this season have offered exceptional discounts and incentives for shopping with them and it hasn’t stopped yet!
Stores such as most Walgreens locations will be open until midnight Christmas Eve with a large percentage of them staying open all night, and even staying open on Christmas with hours of 9am-6pm. Walgreens, as well as stores like 7-Eleven, Borders, Toy R US, Target and CVS will be open extended hours with selections of items such as iTunes gift cards, prepaid cell phones and online game gift cards.
According to yahoo! even Christmas Day is not too late to send gifts via email! Stores such as Victoria’s Secret says you can order a gift certificate online until 3pm that day and it will be delivered via email by the end of the day. Macys.com also offers the option to purchase e-gift cards until 1pm on December 24th and guarantees delivery.
It’s hard to believe that it’s already Christmas time once again! Hopefully you have all of your holiday shopping done and will not have to “take advantage” of the late holiday shopping hours tonight!
Happy Holidays from the whole Leadpile Team!!


Leadpile Helps To Give Back To The Community

Leadpile is happy to be a part of the volunteer efforts in the community for the holidays. This year several people from Leadpile (including Natasha Aronov and yours truly) took a few hours out of our busy schedules to help those less fortunate go shopping. We are very proud to volunteer our time to help those less fortunate, and are very excited on what the Salvation Army does for these children and all those across our nation. Thanks for letting us be apart of this effort. Also, thanks to John Murray and his wife Alicia who do this special event each year for the kids. You are the best!


What’s Better – Shopping Online Or In Stores?

For many of you, it still might be a little early to do your holiday shopping. When you do start your shopping many people may ask which is better; to shop online or to go to stores? In several cases it can really depend on numerous factors. Many people think of Black Friday as a kick off to the holiday shopping season. Consumers will wake up at four in the morning (myself included) to go and get the incredible deals that are being offered. Many of them even have a certain route that they will go to hit up the stores in a certain order to make sure they can get the best deals before everyone else.
But what about everyone who wants to get the great deals, but can not justify getting up at four in the morning to save a few bucks – just hop out of bed and shop online. More times than not, a consumer will be able to get the same deals that they would online as they would when going to the store. According to adweek.com“…buying online saves on trips to the store and gas expenses (53 percent) and makes it easier to compare prices between retailers online than in the store (51 percent), the other top-cited reasons all came back to convenience. The No. 1 reason for shopping online (69 percent) was that “when I buy online I can shop whenever I’d like,” while 57 percent of respondents said it “allows me to avoid the holiday shopping crowds at stores.”
Even though the convenience factor of shopping online is huge, it can make it a little more difficult as well. Since most of the holiday season is spent shopping for other people, consumers want to make sure that the products they are buying are the right size, ensure quality, and ask questions about the product to a sales associate. At the end of the day it all comes down to the consumer and which method of shopping they like better. I know that I usually do a combo of the two. Hard to find items I will purchase online, but toys I will go to the store. Below are some useful tips for when you go shopping this season:
1. Do your research before buying – Compare prices online to make sure you are getting the best deal out there
2. Look for the holiday specials – everywhere is having discounts so paying for full price should not be an option
3. When ordering online, always check for free shipping
4. Use coupons/coupon codes – If you are going to be buying a certain item there is no reason not to get percentage off. A lot of product coupon code can be found online just by doing a simple search
5. Know the return policy of the store/items just in case your item is not a hit
6. Make a list and stick to it – this will help prevent going over budget and buying unnecessary items

I hope that you find these few tips helpful and save you some money. Have a wonderful shopping season!


Buried In Debt: What’s The Best Way to Deal With It?



The holidays are here and more and more of us are getting more and more in debt trying to prepare.  The unfortunate thing is many consumers were already in a bad situation with their debt, and now the holidays are going to add to the mess.  There are various options out there to help consumers with their debt situation. Debt consolidation, debt settlement and credit repair are a few services that help consumers with resolving their debt situation.

Debt Consolidation:  Working with a company that helps you consolidate all your credit cards into one payment.  A lot of companies can even work with the creditors to pause any future late charges or excess fees from being added to the current balance.

Debt Settlement: Working with a company that works with the creditors to get balance settlements.  A certain percentage of the total debt amount is paid, versus the whole amount and the balances continuing to get larger.

Credit Repair: Working with a company to help educate and direct you in the right direction regarding your credit.  There is a lot of information to know about your credit report and how to really optimize getting the most of your credit report.

According to Consumers Affairs, here are some things that determine if you need help with your debt:

Your credit card balances are rising while your income is decreasing.
You are only paying the minimum amounts required on your accounts, or maybe less than the minimums.
You’re juggling bills. For example, you apply for another credit card and use cash advances from it to pay an existing card.
You have more credit cards than a smart gambler has poker chips.
You are at or perilously near the limit on each of your credit cards.
You consistently charge more each month than you make in payments.
You are working overtime to keep up with your credit card payments.
You don’t know how much you owe and really don’t want to find out.
You have received calls or letters about delinquent bill payments.
You are using your credit card to buy necessities like food or gasoline.
Your credit cards are no longer used for the sake of convenience, but because you don’t have money.
You are dipping into savings or your IRA to pay your monthly bills.
You are hiding the true cost of your purchases from your spouse.
You’re playing the card game by signing up for every credit card that sends you an unsolicited offer.
You have just lost your job or are fearful that you are about to and are concerned about how you will pay all your bills.   

Leadpile Lead Exchange deals with all these lead types and knows there are a lot of people struggling with trying to get some sort of help. Getting more knowledge regarding your “credit” is key to any of these services. Come out with something learned if you seek out any of these services, so this sort of thing does not happen again (if avoidable of course).



Labor Day

Labor Day is approaching…………..and The Leadpile Team would like to let everyone know to ENJOY their Labor Day weekend. However, do all people really know what Labor Day is all about, other than a FREE day of (for most)? Just in case you did not know where Labor Day originated, here is a little information about Labor day.
According to Wikipedia, “Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September. The holiday originated in 1882 as the Central Labor Union (of New York City) sought to create “a day off for the working citizens”. In addition, some do relate Labor Day as the end of summer AND the last day you can wear white.

All the hard workers out there, take a nice deserving day off and enjoy yourself!