SMS and Lead-gen in a Lead Exchange

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Lead-gen Text MessagingThe Text Messages (SMS) have been always an interesting and productive way to generate leads or more business, including Branding awareness.

We knew about it, test it with our Offers, and our Publishers are doing it as well, but we never seen such results as we are seeing in the last month. The MicroClick Ads and the Microsites are some of the favorites when it comes to our Publishers using text messaging to promote the offers.

Just to have an idea of the efficiency, please check out the following numbers:

SMS Marketing lead-gen

The number of Impressions represent the number of people reaching the website from a text message. Out of everyone that have seen the site, almost 73% clicked on the form and 55% of them completed it – reached the confirmation page.

The EPM isn’t too bad either, with $1,437.57 for one thousand of impressions. The highest we’ve seen ranges between $2,500 and $3,200, but that’s more from targeted traffic, new customer base (PPC traffic).

The rule of success is to be creative and test new ways to build your customer base, offering quality and good service to consumers. Nothing is “Impossible” and things can be done in a very effective way without losing quality.



New Payday Offers and MicroClick Ads

Payday Offer - MicroClick Ads

Just in one week after the Offers and MicroClick ads were released, the volume of Payday/Cash Advance Leads, have exploded in our Lead Marketplace/Lead Exchange. The Buyers we currently have are very excited about the new developments, and as a result of our continuing effort to bring valuable leads in the lead-gen space, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in quality and volume.

Thanks to our publishers and their amazing creativity, our Offers (banners and text ads), together with the MicroClick Ads, are placed on spots that we never thought of, starting with confirmation pages, exit traffic or direct traffic to pages that have an amazing volume of traffic. Two of the things that were very attractive to our publishers, was the fact that our MicroClick ads would load really fast and that our Microsites are on secured sites (HTTPS). The secured sites alone has increased the CVR (conversion rate) with almost 14%.

Faster, better and more alternatives is the key to succeed in an industry where everything changes continuously.

Any suggestions are welcomed, as our commitment is to make the Payday Leads vertical a stronger and better vertical for every everyone involved in Leadpile’s Lead Marketplace/Lead Exchange.


Do you like cookies?

Who doesn’t? Well, we love them and we hate them at the same time. They are sweet, but if we have too much of them will be unhealthy. Well, it’s the same with the cookies we use for tracking.

The HTTP cookies (or the tracking cookies), are parcels of text sent by a server to a web client (usually a browser) and then sent back unchanged by the client each time it accesses that server. HTTP cookies are used for authenticating, session tracking (state maintenance), and maintaining specific information about users, such as site preferences or the contents of their electronic shopping carts. (Wikipedia:cookies)

The reason we hate them is because we can’t count on them. In the affiliate marketing, a cookie is storing the affiliate ID and the offer we use on our site, so if something happens with the cookie, we (the affiliates/publishers) are not going to get paid for the transaction. A cookie can be blocked by the browser settings, it can be deleted or it just expires. Every time something like this would occur, we are loosing the tracking, so we are loosing money.
For this reason, and not only, we have developed the MicroClick Form (previously known as the I-SaveNow Form), which was released to small groups of webmasters in 2001. The main advantage of using the Form, instead of a regular banner or text ad, was the embedded “producer ID” (affiliate ID) in the form, which would be consistent, no matter what the browser settings were, or if the visitor would delete (destroy) later on the cookies. Also, instead of having 30 days expiration time (as the cookies have), the producer ID would be available for tracking for as long as you are keeping the form online.

The response from the affiliates (publishers) or Lead Sellers (in Leadpile’s Marketplace) has been fantastic. Over the years we have grown our Marketplace to thousands of publishers that are using our forms for their websites, generating millions of impressions daily.

Unfortunately, the ones that don’t have a website in place or they have something that isn’t specific to a certain industry, they will still have to redirect the consumer to a website with specific content related to the advertised product/service. To fill in this need, Leadpile has developed the offers and the new MicroClick Ads, which are more like Microsites, used to host the Form and capture the visitor data. In order to keep the traffic focused on the publisher website and increase their monetization capabilities, we have developed the Microsites to open in new small windows. Same as we did with the Form, the MicroClick Ads and sites are hosted by secured servers, so the transactions can be processed through a secure socket layer (SSL) connection. Unfortunately, we will have to use the cookies for this process.  I guess we will have to love the cookies, with their good and bad consequences. The good news is that, if you choose to go on a “diet”, you have that option with Leadpile. 

Good things!


Attention Lead Sellers (Publishers) – The Microsites are here!

Big Earnings with Leadpile!

We have some really exciting news! It seems that we are really trying to make everything tiny :) Here at Leadpile we say “Space does matter!” … not size (actually I just made it up now).

Starting with our Form (the I-SaveNow form), to our current new release of the “Microsites”. The Microsites are small one page sites that will be opened in a new window, giving you total control over your own site and adding a incredible monetization opportunity for your content. Now, not only you will have the capability to use our Form wherever you want on your page, but you can also use text links (or actually even banners) that will popup a screenshot and direct the visitor to a Microsite where, the consumer, can fill out the form. On a Mouse Over effect a screenshot will appear, and by clicking on the link or screenshot, it will open a new window with the microsite.

To see how it works, please visit the following link:
- go with the mouse over the links you see in the main content of the page: payday, credit repair.

More information will be available soon!


It’s time!!! We are ready to show you how to take a full advantage of the new Microsites.

… Okay, let me say it: MicroSites will Rule The World

Some of you are more knowledgeable when it comes to HTML and JavaScript, so will have no problems whatsoever to play around with the code. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone, and this is just phase 1. The phase 2 will make everything available for you inside your account, so you can go through an easy wizard to create the code you want.

There is no limit on the number of ads you put on your site. Target each keyword you want and add the code to the keyword, and we do the rest.

On the mouse over the visitor will see a snapshot of the microsite, and by clicking on it, a new small window will open where the consumer can start filling out the form.

Why is this so great? Well, the consumer will not leave your site, you can have as many “links” as you want, and in addition to these, you can still add links to our different offers, or even our I-SaveNow Form.

It’s just a simple copy and paste and you are ready to go!

To learn more about it and check the samples please go to:

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager. Thank you for your time.