Lead Sellers – Sell Quality Leads

LeadPile has set the standard as the world’s largest exclusive online lead exchange for over a decade, while publishers have been enjoying competitive and consistent payouts for years.

Lead Buyers Bid on Leads In Real Time

LeadPile’s qualified leads program has been designed for publishers to deliver high quality leads to advertisers in real time. With millions of leads being bought through the LeadPile lead exchange, publishers are able to make more money from their efforts and grow their online publishing businesses.

Intent Assurance Means Higher Payouts for Lead Sellers

LeadPile closely screens and monitors the traffic and leads coming into its network to ensure that no visitor is associated with incentives, or is misled in any way. Both automated and manual processes are in place to detect and prevent violations of our “intent assurance” policy. This means we are able to reward affiliates with higher payouts for their high quality traffic and leads.

Higher Conversions for Lead Sellers

LeadPile seeks publishers that can deliver “ready to buy” prospects. Our systems track and measure a publisher’s campaign performance from the first time a consumer sees an ad to the first time they transact with an advertiser. Targeting the right audience with the right offer results in improved monetization potential for the publisher.

Demographic Profile

Demographic information such as sex, race, age, income, education, home ownership, employment, and location will be used to match your traffic to the most suitable and highest paying advertisers to maximize your traffic monetization efforts.

Advanced Matching Service Increases Lead Seller Earnings

Advertisers can’t service everyone, so why should publishers waste their traffic by sending consumers to advertisers that can’t service them? Our advanced “matching” system will pre-qualify the consumer before they are delivered to advertisers based on specifics such as location, product or service interest and unique customer profile. This increases conversions and boosts publisher earnings.

Data Validation

Before a lead is delivered to an advertiser, the lead data is validated to make sure it meets pre-defined quality, formatting, and accuracy standards. In-house validation and third party solutions are used for this purpose and increase the overall acceptance and conversion rates, as well as payouts for publishers.

Contact Validation

Accurate contact information and customer availability are critical to many products and services where part of the final stages of the sales cycle is getting in touch with the consumer. LeadPile validates such information and verifies its usability, helping advertisers close more business while helping publishers to earn higher payouts.